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Cross-curricular Library

This section contains a range of practical applications of Scratch to the primary school curriculum. The materials were created by primary teacher trainees at Brunel University, as part of their course Specialism. The files contain worked solutions to many practical problems encountered in using Scratch, and are here for deconstruction, as well as for inspiration.

Is Scratch the new PowerPoint?

In the UK, teachers have been using PowerPoint across the curriculum for many different aspects of, and approaches to, teaching and learning.

In a similar way, ITT students at Brunel have been working to develop varied classroom materials, using Scratch.

Will Scratch eventually become the new tool for teachers?

In this section, you will see some creative examples.

Important Note: Scratch files can be started in a variety of ways. Most files in this section start with the green flag, one by hitting the space bar, and one by hitting key Q (then W E R T and Y). This last example was done to enable a set on separate projects to be woven into one.

For Icarus, hit the space bar

For Alf-E, hit Q (then W E R T and Y)

Curriculum areas include:


Work sheet for sorting items illustrated into living and non-living categories

Living and non-living things by Kevin Brill. Kevin has also included a very detailed evaluation, and other materials developed for his primary school, including a project to get the dads involved in learning Scratch!

Space Science

Cover image of Buzz and Alf-E file

The Adventures of Buzz and ALF-E. This huge file, with music, is a collaboration between three students, Mark Talbot, Samira Riaz and Aysha Ali.


Part of the Cows story - the father is standing in a field with his three sons and is saying to the middle son: 'To my next eldest son, I want you to have one third of my cows.' The middle son is thinking pound signs.

Cows by Patrick Hayes. This is an amusing take on a well-known problem in arithmetic.

Image of balloons with mathematical symbols floating past a tree with numbers for leaves, and a boy saying Where to next?

Maths World by Aileen Phair, Olivia Doogan, Aine O’Connor, Kate Power. This is a set of activities based around four aspects of mathematics.

ICT and Computer Science

See Ashlie Cox’s Scheme of Work


Picture of the pyramids with a girl asking if you know what they are called

Egypt by Sandra Kelly

This is an interactive project, and shows the first steps in encouraging pupil involvement, at the whiteboard.

History (mythology)

Icarus is flying too near the sun and his father is warning him that the wax on his wings will melt.

Icarus by Sarah Michael

We need examples of students creating art and music files next…..

Please contact Lawrence if you have any contributions.