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Creating a Sprite for your Story

This is the gist of how to create sprites - you can download an illustrated guide in PDF format (requires Adobe or equivalent). You can also download a scratch file (New York Walk) to experiment with.

How to draw my own sprite

  1. Open Scratch
  2. Paint New Sprite toolSelect the Paint New Sprite tool
  3. Use the painting tools to create your object or character

How to create a Sprite using an image from the internet

  1. Open your internet browser and visit Google Images at
  2. A dog from Google ImagesType the name of the object or character you are searching for e.g. Santa, or dog, and click Search
  3. Use the Advanced Image Search (found under preferences in Internet Explorer) and set the file type you are searching for to GIF. Complete an advanced search once this is done.
  4. Find an image you like and click on it. Now right click the image and select Save Picture As.
  5. Save this image to your Personal Drive in your Literacy from Scratch folder.
  6. New Sprite from File toolNow open Scratch and select the Choose New Sprite from File option.
  7. Find your image from your Literacy from Scratch folder. Select it and click Ok
  8. The image should now appear in the Sprite Library area and can be dragged onto your stage