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Storyboard Planning

What makes a good story, in Scratch?


Beginning: Introduce your characters and your setting.

Middle: Develop the story so that it leads up to an exciting climax.

Ending: A resolution, or happy ending, with a moral.

In Scratch, you can place a sentence of narrative across the bottom of each “page”.


In Scratch, you do not actually need to describe the setting, but you can make your own “backgrounds” against which your story will unfold. Use Draw or Paint.


In Scratch, you do not need to describe your characters, but you can show their thoughts and emotions in two ways:

Music files

You can add music files to add atmosphere to your story. You can use the files from Scratch or from the Internet, but you can also create your own music, using your school’s music software.


You can use a microphone to add the conversations spoken by the characters in your story