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How to change backgrounds

We saw in the last section how to move a boy across a street in New York. He could just as easily have been crossing a street in London, or flying around Munich.

This is easily done, as follows.

Munich FlightYour stage can have a different background.

  1. Click on your STAGE button.
  2. Select the BACKGROUND tab.
  3. Press IMPORT. You will get a selection of backgrounds. Pick the one you want and press OK.
  4. You can of course look on the web for further backgrounds and save them so that you can import them using the above method.
  5. You can take a picture with your own camera - if is connected to your computer, Scratch will detect it and the image will be immediately available.

Further support materials

You can download a booklet in PDF format (needs Adobe or equivalent) which will give further hints and set some nice challenges. Please note: this is in booklet format, ready to be printed out back-to-back on four double-sided pages.

Scratch is like most things in IT - easier to do than to say how to do, so you can also download further Scratch files to give you more ideas about changing backgrounds as part of the story.