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Stories for Children is another cross-curricular project, which was partly inspired by the Literacy from Scratch approach. The following stories were developed to support computational thinking.

Computational Thinking

There is no single, agreed definition of computational thinking. It depends on whom you ask: programmer, logician, or mathematician. There are, however, several generally agreed elements, and these are explored in the following stories for children. These elements include:

These concepts are presented through these simple stories:

Algorithms and Debugging

Download Algorithms and Debugging as a PowerPoint


Download Decomposition as a PowerPoint

Logical Thinking

Download Logical Thinking as a PowerPoint


Download Abstraction as a PowerPoint


Download Generalisation as a PowerPoint


Download If…Then…Else as a PowerPoint

The Stories for Children cross-curricular project was developed under the auspices of the World Ecitizens project, and you can see more of this material on the archive World Ecitizens site: