Scratch Logo, courtesy of MIT Media LabLiteracy from Scratch

Download Scratch and get started!

The first thing you will need to do is to download the Scratch software. Links to the current versions are given below. Getting started can be a little daunting if you have never used the software before, but it is really easy, especially if you have a play with a file which someone else has done! The student teachers involved in this project have kindly supplied the Scratch files which they used as a starter/stimulus for others.

Amy Cozens and Eloise Green provide some detailed hints on how to achieve interesting effects in their 'Bookworm Project', and you will find further useful hints in the teaching materials.

The version of Scratch which we used is Version 1.4 last updated 30 June 2009 and downloaded in March 2013, which you can use. You might wish to go to the MIT Scratch Site to check for further support information and the latest version. There is currently (March 2013) a Beta Version 2 which you can try but which probably should not yet be used in the classroom.