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Scratch Project Evaluation

Uyi Uwuigbe 8R

I liked my scratch story because of my creative storyline, and my punctuation. I think I made it funny for children and interesting. I also liked the fact that I made them move to many different destination.

I think all I needed to do was better coding, for about 3 times in the story the timing was a little off. I need to practice on timing.

What did you learn about story telling?

I learned that you need to make the speech bubbles last a good time, long enough to read it which is what I did and think through what’s going to happen next, before you do it.

What did you learn in programming?

I learned how to move the sprites swiftly and learned how to time my speeches perfectly; I also learned how to do sounds so it makes the story seem more like a cartoon.

Overall I loved my story and I’m proud of it. Now I have learned a new skill, Scratch.