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Scratch Project Evaluation

Alice Tasker

I think that the programming on my Scratch project was good and I learnt a lot about it. I also think that I chose my backgrounds and drew my own characters well. I think my storyline was quite imaginative and different and it worked at how I changed my plan into an animation. I also included a moral in my story although you didn’t get to understand that because it was unfinished.

It would have been better if I had completed my story, or at least if I had got to the main climax of the story. So I could have had a little more time on that. I also think I could have included some more sounds in my story to give a more interesting and realistic effect.

I learnt about story-telling that it is possible to create an intricate animation from a simple plan. I also learnt about the main parts of a story- the beginning, which needs to grip the reader and make them want to read (or watch) on, then the climax (which the whole story builds up to) and then the end (which concludes the whole story).

I learnt about programming that if the timing is wrong then lots can go wrong, so it’s all about trial and error once you’ve made an estimate.