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Scratch Evaluation

By Alana Gaglio 8A

My Scratch Story was about the “President of the United States” Tommy Brick. He gets abducted by an evil alien, and an “alien twin” of him is sent to Earth to take his place and steal the apocalypse information. Tommy manages to escape, and the aliens end up in jail.

WWW (What Went Well): I think my project had a good storyline, with interesting characters and events. All my Sprites and backgrounds were good, too. Also, the programming and timing was all correct!

EBI (Even Better If): I think my project could have been better if I added music.

I learned that story-telling can be told in different ways, through speech and actions (etc). And that perfect grammar is necessary.

I learned many skills about programming, especially that perfect timing is necessary. Also, that changing one thing can affect everything, so you have to be really careful and plan everything out correctly.