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Scratch Project Evaluation

Christopher Flach

I found my Scratch project really fun. I think that classes should spend a whole term on it so that everyone can get every little bit right. Some bits were hard but I overcame the problems. It was hard getting it started – you can’t find the best way to start it off. But the hardest bit was the timings. Some bits took about 0.28 seconds and you had to apply that to everything. I think that Scratch should introduce a new update in which you can fast - forward the coding because it was it was very irritating having to watch the first minute a hundred time just to see if a character is in the right place or spoke at the right time.

I managed to finish it, I learnt a lot about computer programming.

Involve more coding because a lot of it was just talking.

I learnt that in story telling it is actually more important to have action than it is to have dialogue – a story would be more gripping like that.

I have learnt a very important thing about computer programming – it can be incredibly easy. As soon as you have gotten the ball rolling you can carry along quickly.