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Scratch Project Evaluation

Laura Barnes

I have really enjoyed doing this scratch project and I feel that it has really helped with learning basic skills that I can apply. I think what went well was the fact that the teaching was impressive and the examples inspired me to do something differently. I also think that fact that we had plenty of time was good as it meant my work wasn’t rushed, and I had time to think about every detail of my project. Another good thing that went well was the fact we could be imaginative and we didn’t have to stick to a story, you could have any twist and turn and it was your original story. One other thing that went really well was that your partner checked the spelling, I myself am not great as spelling and so this helped me to put commas and full stops in the right places. The last thing that went well was the fact that we could paint our own characters, and that we didn’t have to use the sprites on Scratch. This was good because you could be imaginative and draw characters of all different kinds.

I didn’t particularly enjoy using Scratch, as I am not the most technical person, but I did enjoy planning the story with my partner, and choosing which idea worked best I also really enjoyed designing my own characters and recording my own sounds. The fact we could see other projects was really good to watch as it made me think about how mine could be better. The main thing I have learnt on the Scratch project is that you don’t want to have massive text bubbles for your characters to say, as this is boring for the audience, but you do want to engage them in the story and make it seem like they are actually there. I have also learnt that you have to involve the audience by asking them rhetorical questions to make them feel that they are part of the story and I have learnt that you have to have some humour in it as well in order to catch the audience’s attention.

To be a good storyteller you have to have a climax in the story where the characters have some sort of problem and it has to be revolved. I also think that the characters have to have different personalities, and that there has to be a “Baddy” in the story. To be a good storyteller you also have to make sure that everything is spelled correctly so that the viewers have a more enjoyable read. The main skills I learnt have to be the fact that you have to line up the time so that everything slots together perfectly. I have also learnt the skill of copying and pasting characters from the internet onto Scratch and altering the backgrounds on them.